Just your friendly neighborhood Minnesotan. Gem cutting and jewelry are my obsession, being a nerd is my life. I enjoy creating gemstones and jewelry because I want to hear your story. The idea that I am creating something that will outlive me and become your family's heirloom makes my heart flutter. This is the service I want to offer to you and your family!



Majority of my work is based off commissions but here you will find pieces I have created in my free time!
Mountings are available for loose stones.


Commission pricing is based off the material, size, and design of the piece. All custom cut gems come with a certificate of authenticity. Click the contact button and I can get you a free quote!


We have tons of mounting options. If we can't find something that is perfect for you we can build a piece around your stone!


We service personal pieces from around the world. We are fully insured and take great pride in the work we do. A jeweler is only as good as their reputation. Try us out and get a free quote! Most estimates can be done without sending your piece in!


Ryan was incredibly responsive, flexible, and had great advice and enthusiasm to find the gem I was looking for. He was patient looking for the right stone and came through in a huge way!




Hand crafting gemstones as interesting as you

Hey there I'm Ryan! I'm an avid video gamer, board gamer, dungeon master, streamer, nerd, and I always strive to be the best at what I do. I have been faceting beautiful gemstones for over a decade and take much of my inspiration from my passions.
I have put together this site to connect with more people and share my "facet-nation" of precious gemstones. I love collaborating and making people smile. Many don't know the process of refining a raw mineral into a beautiful gem, but I am determined to spread this knowledge in a fun and inclusive way!
I live stream majority of my work on a platform called twitch and you are welcome to join and watch the process of your stone being cut!